Valentine's Day!

My adorable and wise CEO (my eight-year old grandson!) reminded me that I should be posting more blogs, so here I am! 

I think that flowers & candy are very nice to give someone for Valentine's Day, but what about something a little bit different as well, or perhaps even instead? HANDMADE SOAP!! :) Even before I was making handmade soap myself, I loved it when someone was so thoughtful to give me sweet-smelling soaps, bath bars & guest soaps! Giving handmade soaps using natural oils & containing none of the harsh chemicals in store-bought soap just takes it up a few notches higher! Plus the fact that they are unique and not mass produced by machines. :)

Remember that your skin absorbs 60% of what you put on it and this is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, so taking the time to find high quality, nourishing products shows just how much you really care! :)

Happy Valentine's Day! :)

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