Handmade Soaps are in demand more than ever!

I have been a vendor at a few big events in the past little while, the last one being "BizBaz" #BizBaz2015 and have been finding that handmade, natural soaps are more in demand than ever before! It's so wonderful to see how people are actually READING the ingredients and asking questions if they don't know what something is. We pay attention to what goes into our food (for the most part), so we should for products that we put on our skin, like soap, shampoo, lotions, etc. Remember that your skin absorbs as much as 60% of what you put on it and this is absorbed into the bloodstream. Scary thought! I invite you to read the ingredients in our products as you will find that we ensure that there are no animal products, no SLS or SLES, no parabens, no propylene glycol, etc. :) We work hard to ensure that our products are good for your skin and the environment!

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