Going on Vacation?!

Now here is a wonderful service and I just have to tell you about it!

If you're thinking of going on vacation but you have furry or feathered family members that you can't take along (cats, dogs, birds), here is a way to go and have absolute peace of mind that your pets and your home is being well taken care of!!

Homes, Paws & Claws is a fantastic service that will look after your home, pets, plants and more!! 

So if you:

• Are thinking of putting your pet in a kennel or doggy day care
• Need your dog walked while you are at work
• Need your cat need to be fed and given affection
• Are going on a lengthy vacation or a weekend away

Homes, Paws & Claws is the answer! Your pets are able to stay in their own home where they feel safe, comfortable and secure and not only will they be fed and have their basic needs met, they will be showered with personal attention and affection and if you have a dog or dogs, they will be walked 3 to 4 times daily! You will be able to relax and enjoy your vacation when you know that your beloved pet is being taken care of so well and that your home is being looked after too!

Advantages of using a service like Homes, Paws & Claws are:

• your home will have that "lived in" look
• there will be a car in the driveway
• mail picked up
• plants watered (inside & out)
• lawns mowed
• light Housekeeping

What more could you ask for?!! 

Homes, Paws & Claws offers Overnight, Weekly and Monthly Options

See the link on my home page and call or email Leslie. She is a lovely person and you will know right away that your home and pets are in wonderful, loving hands! :)

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