How to colour your hair naturally.

There are so many products "out there" to colour your hair now, so why not choose one that not only is good for your hair and skin, but also good and safe for the environment. Just imagine how many chemicals are being dumped down the drain with these nasty, dangerous chemical colorants! 
Did you know that you can purchase the natural hair colours that last as long, if not longer than the chemical hair dyes? A few other bonuses are: the natural hair dyes do not stain your skin or smell harsh AND it actually seems to take less of the products to colour shoulder length hair. So...if you purchase a natural hair dye for $18, you can potentially only use half of it (only mix half of it together for application) and you can use the rest the next time, which means the actual cost for dyeing your hair naturally is only $9! :) 

A few of the brands that I know about are: Herbatint (most Fortinos carry it), Light Mountain, Naturcolor & Rainbow Henna. There are likely many more, if you look them up in your area. 

So why saturate your own scalp and hair in damaging and dangerous chemicals when you can look great with pure and natural products? Your body will love you and so will the environment!

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