Import contacts to gmail on Mac- Merging vcf to one file

Import contacts to gmail on Mac- Merging vcf to one file

So, I just spent over an hour trying to use the terminal method on my Mac, to convert all my vcf files into one file, so that I could import that one file into my gmail account, and finally gave up. Then I tried something else.

If you have Outlook, as I did, I used the following steps:

1. At the bottom left of the Outlook window, you will see "mail, calendar, contacts.."

2. Click on Contacts and select all in the email contact list, then go up to the menu bar beside "view" and click on the Contacts dropdown menu

3. Go down to "Forward as vCard" and it will open a new email with all your contacts 

4. Create a new folder on your desktop, select all the contacts in the email (should have a .vcf at the end of each file name and drag all the files into the new folder that you created on your desktop

5. Now we want to combine all these files into one vCard, so I did the following steps

6. Open Mac Address book and for me, I deleted everything that was in there because there were do many duplicates.

7. Once your address book is empty, go back to the folder on your desktop, select everything in that folder and drag them into your address book. It will then ask you if you want to import all these files, say yes or ok

8. Once all your contacts are in the address book, select them all again and go to File > Export > Export vCard and save this file wherever you want (I just saved it to my desktop) and voila! You now have a file that you can import into gmail with all your contacts all at once!!!

9. Now go to your google account (not the gmail) and on the left go to "People & Sharing"

10. Click on "Contacts", click on "more", then click on "import" and it will ask you to select a file, so you go to wherever you save that file that you exported from your address book and import it! 

All your contacts will come in at once!! Thought I would share this cuz it might save you a few headaches!

Have a great day! (and check out my skincare while you're here!!!) :)

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