Natural Skin Care

Natural Skin Care

Why choose natural soaps and skin care products for you and your family, including your fur-babies? Of course the most obvious answer would be that "it just makes sense"! But there is really so much more to it!

The products we choose not only affects our own bodies, it also affects the earth as a whole. Something simple like throwing out the empty cardboard toilet paper tube...I know one person who INSISTS on throwing it in the trash, instead of the recycling bin. He states that it's "only one empty roll"...but picture this. In my city alone, there are over half a million people...ONE city! If even half of those people thought that way, there would be a quarter of a million empty toilet paper rolls that never made it to the recycling bin! 

The challenge to you would be to take your average big brand soap and compare the ingredients with say something like our best selling Organic Lavender Soap ( How many ingredients are there in the big name brand soap that you have no idea of what they are? If you have the time, take a look at one or two of them and do a bit of research on them. My bet would be that they are listed as not being good for your body OR the environment!!

The thing is, we have trusted BIG corporations for far too long to tell us what we do and don't need. We need to check things for ourselves. Natural skin care is a simple and easy place to start!

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