Flower City Soaps in Times Square, NYC!

Flower City Soap Company on the big screens in Times Square, NYC

I was very blessed recently to have the opportunity to have my ad for my company Flower City Soap Company on a big screen in Times Square for a short time!!! Here it is!! So exciting!! 🙂 https://youtu.be/cAvpH1XtZ54

While also running my own soap and candle company, since 2013 I have worked with an incredible, amazing young woman who sells time on the big screens in Times Square, NYC. We have worked with people from Kanye West, Alessia Cara, Eva NYC, Allbirds, U.S. Polo Association, Akira, John Hardy, Annie's Publishing, Bath & Body Works, PBS, Wondrium, Stella McCartney,  Sandals Beaches, Qatar, Lane Bryant and so many more! It's been a most awesome opportunity and I am so very, very blessed! Thank you God!!!

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