Tony Robbins' "New World, New You Challenge"

Tony Robbins on New World, New You Challenge

I saw a posting for this amazing FREE facebook seminar, with renowned speaker Tony Robbins and it lasted for 5 a bonus day! So I signed up for it and it was very good and there were so many suggestions that were offered to change our lives and the way we handle things and see things. I used to have a lot of Tony Robbins' cassette tapes (yes, I'm THAT old! LOL!) and while I did listen to them occasionally, I did not give them the attention that they deserved 30-some years ago. But one thing always stayed in my brain. (yes, it's good if even ONE thing remains with you, I'm told!).

He had an exercise where he asked you to look around you and noticed everything that was red. So you'd look around and see anything red. Then he'd tell you to close your eyes and tell him everything that was green. WHAT?! The whole point of this exercise was to make us realize how we can get so focused on one problem or issue (the red objects) and fail to notice other things that are going on that may be great (green)! I think of it this way...when my children were young, I was busy trying to work, keep the housework done, help them with homework, plan meals, etc., etc., but now that I have grandchildren and I don't see them every day, I am so focused on them and what they say and how they play and how much they've grown. It wasn't that I didn't love my children just as much, but there were just so many other things happening to distract my attention.'s too bad these kinds of things are only learned in later life. Wouldn't it be great if they taught more about LIFE in schools? 

If you get the chance to hear Tony speak, you just might want to take advantage of it. There is much wisdom and logic in what he says that most of us just don't think about.

Food for thought. :)

Judy :)

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