Why I am vegan

Why I am vegan

A few years ago, I would NEVER have imagined that I would become the "dreaded vegan"! My eldest daughter has been vegetarian for about 23 years and my youngest daughter has been vegan for about 20 years. My eldest daughter said she stopped eating meat after working at McDonalds...she went into a bit more detail, but I won't elaborate here. 
What brought me to this turn-around? Well, there are a number of things. It wasn't at the advice or coaxing of my children...though they did try earnestly. I just didn't want to think about it and besides, I loved meatloaf, bacon, ham, turkey, etc and could not imaging giving it up. 

When I started making soaps, I wanted to make them so that my family would use them as well, so they had to be vegan. It didn't take much time to be looking into things myself that I learned more about the health benefits of not eating meats or consuming dairy products, especially with the cancer in my family, but then there was the animals. I love animals...at least I proclaimed to love them. I always thought that all meat came from animals that were happy and free and running around a big field and that when they were slaughtered, it was quick and they didn't feel a thing. How WRONG and ignorant I was. The more I learned, the more sickened and disgusted I became and the more my heart broke for all the innocent animals that were abused, tortured, confined, forcefully impregnated and on and on. I cried when I learned about how cows cried for their babies that were stolen so quickly from them and for the babies that would never know their mother's love or be able to drink her milk...that was MEANT for them, but the all mighty dollar reigned more important, so their mother's milk was sold for human consumption and the babies were fed another mixture. The male calves wouldn't live long anyway...in their tiny confined areas they were only kept alive long enough to get a little plump with the artificial food so that they could be killed for their little bodies that became "veal". I've never tasted veal and am so glad that I didn't. I think I knew all along that it was just wrong to eat a baby of any species.

Yes, I would never have imagined that I would really become a vegan, but I have to say that not only do I feel better emotionally, but so much better physically too! What a difference!! There are so many natural, plant based foods that we can get our calcium and protein from...there is no need to eat animal flesh!

Even if you can't see yourself becoming a vegan...I challenge you to at least try eating LESS meat and consuming LESS dairy...even just to see how much better you'll feel. It is better for YOU, better for the ANIMALS and better for the WORLD. 

Judy :)

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