The Colossal Beer Soap Collection

We begin our Colossal Beer Soap selection with a fine Amber beer from a local brewery in Caledon. This rich, amber beer not only tastes great, but it makes a spectacular bar of soap!

Why make soap with beer, you ask?!

First of all, a really good bar of beer soap lathers rich and creamy and just feels great on the skin. The hops in beer is an amazing skin softening ingredient as it contains amino acids, which can soothe irritated and inflamed skin. The brewer's yeast in beer is fantastic as an antibacterial agent that can help combat acne. Beer also contains essential vitamins such as Vitamin B, which can further serve to moisturize the skin.

Stay tuned as we work to find the premium local breweries to make the best beer soap around!

The Colossal Beer Soap - Unscented $9.50
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The Colossal Beer Soap - Tea Tree & Cedarwood $9.50
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