A Most Unusual Holiday Season

A Most Unusual Holiday Season - Flower City Soap Company

Here in Brampton, Ontario, we are once again in lockdown, as the number of covid cases has reached new highs. It is very concerning for so many people and upsetting for most of us who are "lockdown/shutdown" weary. BUT, we have to do what we have to do!

For me, I will be having cancer surgery in December of 2020 and it's certainly not the best time to have to be in hospital...though no time really is. Still, with the number of cases on the rise, we must all be diligent and look out for one another.

I know this holiday season will be different for pretty well everyone, but I hope you all stay safe, enjoy your loved ones and friends from a distance and our hope is that the new year brings us relief from this pandemic and a renewed sense of appreciation for all that we have!

God bless and have a safe and wonderful Christmas!

Sincerely, Judy 

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