Banning the sale of household pets on Kijiji to help stop puppy mills!

Puppy Mill Dog - Let's put an end to puppy mills!

Banning the sale of household pets on Kijiji to help stop puppy mills!

I’ve noticed a recent new program that I think is a great idea! Places like Dog Tales Rescue & Sanctuary, Brampton Animal Shelter, and many more responsible pet adoption places or sanctuaries are now showing “rehoming” on their facebook pages, when people can no longer look after their pets. Many times it’s because a senior has had to move into a senior’s residence, people have had to move to a new place where animals are not permitted or a number of other reasons. These precious fur-babies don’t have a voice in where they go. With legitimate rescues and shelters, there is NO rehoming fee in order to avoid “sales” of pets, but it also helps to find good homes for them, usually within the local area.

puppy waiting to be rescued from puppy mill

For years many animal lovers (that includes me!) have been trying to petition a ban for ALL animal sales on Kijiji. Selling pets like you would a lamp or piece of furniture only encourages people who run puppy mills to keep operating. If you have never heard of the term “puppy mill”, these are generally horrid places with inhumane treatment of dogs and puppies. The mother dogs are continuously bred over and over again until they are completely worn out, then they are discarded like trash. The father dogs are also abandoned or killed when they can no longer breed. Most often the puppies from these places are sick and unsocialized and the types of places where these poor, helpless babies are kept in is usually in horrific. Puppy mills are in the business of breeding a high-volume of “designer” puppies, solely for the purpose of profit and they can literally charge thousands and thousands of dollars for a “designer” puppy.

Mother dog in Puppy Mill

 Designer dogs are sometimes called Hybrid dogs, as they are the result of controlled cross-breeding between two purebred dogs. A few of the more common types of cross-breeding are: the Labradoodle (a Labrador Retriever crossed with a Poodle), the Goldendoodle (a Golden Retriever crossed with a Poodle), a Cockapoo (a Cocker Spaniel bred with a Poodle) and more. In recent years, many celebrities have made the idea of the designer dog more popular than ever, though we would hope that most of them would have at least found their puppies at reputable, responsible breeders.

Then comes the question of breeding dogs at all. With so many dogs in Canada and around the world that are stray and homeless, why is there a need to breed dogs at all? Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary is a world-renowned dog rescue and horse sanctuary located in King City, Ontario Canada. They regularly take in dogs that have been surrendered to them for many different reasons, but they also rescue dogs from far-off lands including Israel, Turks and Caicos. These places have so many beautiful, loving stray dogs in desperate need of rescue.

 If you would like to know more about the petition to Stop Selling Puppies on Kijiji, and better yet, would like to add your name, please go to this link for the Humane Society

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