Are soaps with lots of bubbles better than soaps with lather?

Lather vs Bubbles

Did you ever notice how "bubbly" the soaps are from the big box stores, drugs stores, etc.? This is not at all natural and only occurs because there are foaming agents and detergents added. GOOD soap has a bad reputation because these kind of "soaps". Did you know that most commercial soaps actually remove the glycerin in the soap and in its place put in a detergent?! This, of course, makes skin very dry and they sell the glycerin back to the consumer in the form of a lotion to ease the dryness. Take a look at the name of the products as well. REAL soap is called soap, but a bar cannot be called soap if the glycerin is removed, so it is instead called a "beauty bar" or "bath bar". It is completely up to the consumer to educate themselves on the products they eat and use on their skin. There are so many products in both catagories that are extremely harmful to us, but they are packaged and presented in such a way that we often don't even check to see what they are really made of!

REAL soap is not really super bubbly, but rather it has a wonderfully, silky, creamy lather that feels good on your skin both while you're using it and afterwards, as it will leave your hands soft, not dried out. 

It's like that old saying: "once you've tried it, you'll never go back!".

Happy soaping! 

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