The Betty White Challenge & Animal Rescues

The Betty White Challenge & Animal Rescues

I was simply blown away by the awesome reactions around the world with the Betty White Challenge. I think we could all agree that Betty would be absolutely thrilled with how people honoured what would have been her 100th birthday celebration. There are so many animal sanctuaries that deserve support and here are just a few of them.

The Saving Grace Animal Society has been an amazing rescuer of animals both big and small, domesticated and wild. Under their "What We Do" page it reads: "Saving Grace Animal Society was founded in February 2018 as an animal rescue and shelter, operating as a low-scale rescue prior to that. Since it's inception, Saving Grace has been the go-to society for 24/7 emergency calls, rescuing animals all over Alberta and in to Saskatchewan. Saving Grace houses a shelter in Alix, Alberta, as well as running an off-site sanctuary for farm animals with no place to go and hosts numerous fundraising events throughout the year, working off of an entirely donation-based operating budget. Since the opening of the shelter in 2018, Saving Grace has successfully adopted out over 2600 animals, organized and completed over 15 major rescue missions (each bringing over 100 animals in to care) and made forever homes at the Sanctuary for 22 farm animals to date. They became a registered charity in December 2018, overcoming yet another milestone in just twelve short months of operation. In 2020 alone, they adopted out 1408 animals! They have been featured on local television and radio for the work they do in animal rescue. The society works with phenomenal trainers and veterinary staff who devote their time to rehabilitate animals in care, ensuring those "unplaceable" animals receive their own "saving grace" with a chance at a new home and a life filled with love.

Another very well known sanctuary is Esther the Wonderpig's home known as Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary, in Campbellville, Ontario. If you actually have never heard of them (they are known world-wide and have over 1.5 million followers on Facebook. To quote a small part of their "about" page on the Esther the Wonderpig website: "Esther is some pig. At just 4 pounds, she was misrepresented as a "micro pig" and sold to Steve and Derek in the summer of 2012.  Over the next two years Esther just kept growing and growing. In fact, her dads often “wondered” when she would stop! Well, just 2 years later Esther weighed in at 600 pounds and had fully earned her nickname: Esther the Wonder Pig. Even though she had totally outgrown their small suburban home, by then Derek and Steve loved her and she was family. Now an “almost” full-grown house pig, Esther took her dads, along with her dog, cat and bunny siblings on the adventure of a lifetime!"

Another wonderful rescue that is among my favourites is Dog Tales Rescue & Sancturary. When they talk about their incredible sanctuary, they say this: "

Dog Tales is a world-renowned dog rescue and horse sanctuary set on an incredible 50 acres of green fields, rolling hills, and wooded areas in King City, Ontario. Our picturesque location - complete with kilometers of walking trails, therapy pools, and a grooming spa - is the perfect setting for abused and neglected animals to heal and be rehabilitated while they wait for forever homes. Along with medical care, our team provides all of the love, attention and training that our rescues need to recover from their difficult pasts, so that they can move on to permanent, loving homes, which most do. For the rest, Dog Tales is home for as long as they need it to be." It is such a gorgeous place full of love and care.

If you love animals, please check out these rescues and your local ones. So many animals in need and we need to be their voices.

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