Tender Care Face Butter Moisturizer

Moisturize and smooth your face and neck with our all-natural, soothing, nourishing Tender Care Face Butter Moisturizer. Made with a blend of rich moisturizing butters and oils, this product absorbs quickly leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth without being greasy. Excellent for use around the eye area as well!

INGREDIENTS: Avocado Oil, Hemp Seed Butter, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E Oil, Tea Tree & Lavender Essential Oils, Candelilla Wax, Rosemary Extract.

About our Tender Care All Natural Face Butter Moisturizer Ingredients

Avocado Oil is an excellent source of essential fatty acids, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins. It absorbs quicky, calms itchy skin, replenishes, hyrateds & moisturizes dry skin, helps to heal chapped skin and can help protect against skin damage.

Jojoba Oil is noncomedogenic and is rich in iodine, that fights bacterial growth and the antioxidants in Jojoba Oil soothes fine lines and wrinkles. Jojoba Oil is an emollient, which means that it moisturizes skin and prevents scaly, rough patches or irritations. It helps the skin to hold in moisture and can be used anywhere on the body. It can relieve the itch and pain of eczema and can also accelerate the wound-healing process as it stimulates collagen synthesis. 

Raw Cocoa Butter makes an excellent moisturizer for the skin and can actually help heal dry, cracked skin. It is a great source of natural antioxidants and healthy fats that are easily absorbed and remain on the skin for hours to keep it moisturized. Cocoa Butter also contains compounds that some studies have found can help reduce the signs of aging, and soothe rashes and ease dermatitus.

Please note that the aluminum canister IS recyclable. 

63 g / 2.2 oz