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Judy Whale founded her soap company in 2014. It was first named “Splendiferous Handmade Fine Soaps” and changed in 2017 to its current name because, simply put, a lot of folks had a hard time saying Splendiferous!

Judy started making pure, natural products after learning more about what we eat and what we put on our skin. Judy had colon cancer in 2010 and after surgery and 6 months of chemo, she is gratefully NED (No Evidence of Disease). But, since 2008 she has also lost 3 sisters to different cancers and has yet another younger sister who is a breast cancer survivor. Learning more about the products we eat and use not only inspired her to begin her own skin care line, but she also became vegan in the process. Judy became passionate about the beautiful, natural creations that she could make and provide for family and friends and how she could ensure that each and every product she made for their skin (and for her fur-babies!) would not contain sulphates, animal products, formaldehyde or any of the other nasty ingredients found in most store brands. 

As a former graphic artist for over 20 years, Judy looks after everything from researching and creating the recipes, to making all products by hand, to labelling and shipping. One of the things that Judy is most grateful for is the opportunity to give back. Some of her most beloved organizations are: The Salvation Army, Water for Life, Animal Justice, All Paws Rescue & Joyce Meyer Ministries. She also makes soaps for her local food bank and outreach centre, Ste. Louise Outreach, in Brampton, ON.

 Recently, Judy has expanded her line of products to include natural, clean-burning soy candles with wood wicks and who knows what she will create next! She loves creating and she loves the smiles her products put on people’s faces, knowing they are truly taking care of their skin and the earth!
God Bless!


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