Frequently Asked Questions

We choose not to add palm oil to our recipes because we are acutely aware of what is happening with the Amazon rain forests and how they are being destroyed to make room for profitable items such palm tree oil, by the greed of those whose only concern is making money. Our African Black Soap base, from Ghana may already contain some palm oil, but we do NOT add it to our recipes.

We do sell some of our products in stores such as the Blue Banana in Kensington Market, downtown Toronto, but the majority of our wholesale clients prefer to have private labelling, which we can do ourselves.
Most independent sales are through our online store.

Most of our products contain only essential oils or no scent at all. We do use phthalate-free fragrance oils in most of our candles and wax melts and in many of our foaming bath bomb powders. This will be stated clearly in the ingredients section.

The feedback we get most often is how much they love the quality and how LONG the products last! It might be better for us if they didn't last so long (we could sell more!!), but when we shop, we like to get our money's worth, so we are proud to provide that for our customers as well!

As animal lovers, we love our fur babies and, since most of the store brand dog shampoos and paw ointments contain so many chemicals, we wanted to ensure that our fur babies were getting the best nature could offer, without those nasties!