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Natural Diaper Cream, Tender Care for Baby's Bum by Flower City Soap Company
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Diaper Cream - All Natural Tender Care for Baby's Bum

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Diaper Cream - All Natural Tender Care for Baby's Bum

There are so many products on the market for treating diaper rash or just caring for baby's tender tushy, but, as with all products, it is important to read the ingredients. It is wise not to use anything that contains petroleum jelly as it is a derivative of the oil refining industry, not eco-friendly and can prevent evaporation, which can lead to other skin care issues when trapping unwanted moisture. Some sites compare it to putting plastic over your skin.

Tender Care for Baby's Bum is just that. All natural, tender care for baby's delicate bottom. Soothes and protects and perfect for use with cloth diapers as well as disposables. 

How to Use: Take a small amount of the Tender Care for Baby's Bum (be sure hands are clean) and gently apply to baby's bottom and anywhere that will be in contact with wetness. 


About the ingredients in our All Natural Tender Care for Baby's Bum Diaper Cream

• Organic Shea Butter: Rich in vitamins & fatty acids, it penetrates deeply with its moisturizing and rich emollient properties.

• Coconut Oil: absorbs quickly into the skin and forms an excellent protective barrier, but allows skin to breathe. Also adds gentle moisturizing effects to the skin.

• Vegetable Glycerine: rich, emollient-like properties that smooth and soften the skin and assists the skin's surface to retain moisture.

• Candellila Wax: is a vegan alternative to bees wax and provides an excellent repelling barrier for the skin, while still allowing skin to breathe. Also used in our lip balms and other skin care products.

• Zinc Oxide: we use only non-nano zinc oxide with a 325 mesh size. Zinc oxide has wonderful astringent properties and offers a silky, soothing effect. Also used in our lip balms and other skin care products.


Diaper Cream

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