Wintergreen (Gaultheria fragrantissima) Essential Oil

Wintergreen 100% Pure Organic Essential Oil ( Gaultheria fragrantissim)

Product of Nepal. 15 mL.

Wintergreen Essential Oil has a characteristic sweet and minty scent similar to Sweet Birch, a main component in the flavour of root beer, with spicy tones.

Wintergreen and Sweet Birch oil are nearly identical in chemical composition and aroma; similarly, both were used in traditional folk remedies by the aboriginal peoples of North America.

Essential oils help restore a feeling of peace, balance, and happiness, and they promote the stability of hormones and emotions, whether they are used in aromatherapy diffusers, potpourri, candles, relaxing bath blends, massages, cosmetic applications, or for steam inhalation.

Some of the many Uses:

• Perfect for use with aromatherapy diffusers.
• Use on aromatherapy bracelets
• Apply oil to a cotton ball and place in the air vents of your vehicle
• Mix oils in a spray bottle with water and mist over furniture, carpet, or linens
• Add oil to a batch of laundry or to dryer sheets
•Use in household surface cleaners


Used in aromatherapy applications, Wintergreen Essential Oil is known to emit a sweet, minty, and somewhat warming woody aroma that is reputed to have an uplifting, invigorating effect on the mood, making it ideal for boosting energy during times when the body feels lethargic. When diluted and diffused in a vaporizer, the clean, revitalizing, and deodorizing quality of Wintergreen Essential Oil eliminates stale or foul odors in indoor environments, while its mood-elevating property helps improve negative outlooks, feelings of stress and mental pressure, as well as concentration for a greater sense of emotional balance. Its strong aroma is also reputed to heighten sensory perception.

Used cosmetically on the skin, Wintergreen Essential Oil is often added to formulations for moisturizers and haircare products, as it is reputed to promote the complexion’s clarity and to help diminish the appearance of skin conditions characterized by irritation, including acne and dandruff. By causing the skin to contract with its astringent properties, Wintergreen Oil helps to tighten and lift the skin for a firmer, more youthful appearance. On the hair, its astringent effect strengthens the strands to prevent hair loss. When used in natural skincare products, Wintergreen Oil has a circulation-stimulating effect but should be used irregularly, as it may have a rubefacient effect if used too frequently or in high concentrations. For its deodorizing quality, Wintergreen Oil is sometimes added to natural deodorant recipes, as it conceals body odor while eliminating odor-causing bacteria.

Used medicinally, Wintergreen Essential Oil is reputed to increase circulation, enhance metabolic function and enhance digestion, promote the body’s detoxification, calm inflammation, ease pain, and soothe symptoms of psoriasis, colds, infections, as well as the flu. Those who suffer from arthritis, rheumatism, gout, joint pain, and muscular aches often seek out ointments with Wintergreen in their formulations, as its stimulating quality has an anesthetic effect that helps temporarily numb painful areas while simultaneously contributing the sensation of warmth. The stimulating activity of Wintergreen Oil helps prevent toxins from gathering in any one spot inside the body and helps to facilitate their elimination, which in turn helps naturally and safely shed weight as excess bodily pollutants are expelled. Its warming quality is also valuable for helping to resist or reverse obstructed blood flow, which makes it popular in remedies for frostbite, injuries, and stings or bites caused by poisonous or rabid animals and insects. When applied to infections and wounds, Wintergreen Oil is said to effectively speed up healing; however, it should never be applied directly to open wounds or come in contact with blood.


When using Wintergreen Essential Oil in aromatherapy applications, it is advised that it be used infrequently and well-diluted. Due to its potency, it should be diffused for a maximum of 10 minutes per each use and the uses should be spread several hours apart. It is safest in sparse amounts, 2-4 drops being the recommended number of drops to add to a diffuser and this simple method is reputed to be enough to help ease mental strain and nervousness; address fatigue with a burst of energy; increase endurance during exercise; enhance attentiveness, motivation, and focus; relieve nausea; suppress cravings and convince the body that the stomach has been satisfied; and to promote easier breathing by relieving sinus congestion.

As with all essential oils, always do a skin test and/or mix with a carrier oil. Always do your research on the safest ways to use any essential oil.